Fully Automatic Tungsten Carbide Sawing Machine



Cutting Capacity   TCT carbide sawhead / HSS sawblade
Roud solid bar  mm • 10~70 (Ø8 ~ 10 opt. )
Square solid bar  mm 10~ 57
Rectangle  mm 10~57
Round pipe  mm 10~70 (Ø8~10 opt. )
Square pipe  mm 10~57
Maximum length of head cut  mm 10~60
Waste material length at tail end  mm 65~(65+ Cutting length)
Feeding length  mm

5~600 Continuous cyles

Manually stack line-up loader capacity  kg 2500
Material length  mm 2000~6000
Material loading width  mm 950
TCT carbide sawblade   Ø250~Ø285 x t2.0
Pin holes + bore  mm 4xØ11xPCD63 x Ø32
Tip aluminium carbide saw blade  mm -
Pin holes + bore  mm -
HSS sawblade  mm Ø250~Ø285 / t2.0~t2.5
Spindle motors  kw 7.5kw x 4P (10HP x 4P)
Spindle speeds  rpm 17~200 rpm.
Frequency inverter  kw 11kw(15HP)
Hydraulic pump motor  kw 2.2kw (3HPx4P)
Operation pressure  mpa 7mpa 70kg/cm2
Oil tank capacity  l 100
Air pressure  mpa 0.4~0.6 mpa 4 ~ 6kg/cm2
feed drive   AC Servo-motor (1.3kw or 1.5kw) and precision ball screw
Sawhead drive  

A. Material feeding and cutting by hydraulic system

B. AC Servo-motor (1.8kw or 2.0kw) +

AC Servo-motor (1.8kw or 2.0kw) + ball screw transmission for cutting (optional)

Feeding vise   Horizontal hydraulic type
Main vise   Horizontal and vertical hydraulic type one set each