Press Machine

Machanical Press


- High rigidity frame structure eliminating the opening distortion, fully realizing the highly efficient blanking and deepdrawing operation.
- Eight long right angled slide guide rails provide confidence on installing high accurate die. Ensuring high accuracy manufacturing to be possible.
- Improved back side operability and die conformability of the press.
- Large side opening for simple installation to complete single and fully automated operation on coiled material.
- High quality machine accuracy improving machine endurance, providing lasting value. Totally matching the requirements of contemporary high accuracy manufacturing industry, an attractive and highly efficient model.
- High efficient clutch / brake with high endurance, reducing operational noise to the lowest level, improve operation environment.


 Short stroke / Long stroke  UNIT  S / L
 Capacity  ton   200
 Tonnage rating point (above B.D.C.)  mm  7
 Stroke length  mm  150 / 250
 Stroke per minute (SPM)  S.P.M  35-70 / 25-45
 Die height, slide to bolster  mm  450 / 500
 Die height adjustment  mm  100
 Slide area (a1×b1)    mm  1850 x 650
 Bolster area (a2×b2)  mm  2150 x 840
 Floor to bolster (h1)  mm  1000
 Overall height (h2)  mm  3680 / 3735
 Poistion of anchor bolt (a3×b3)   mm  2500 x 1450
 Floor space required (a4×b4)  mm  2750 x 2600
 Main motor HPxP  25 x 4
 Air pressure required Kg/cm2 5