Press Machine

Machanical Press


Features of SK1 series

SK1 Series Presses-a high performance cold forging press. In order to achieve such high precision, Sanes has increased the rigidity of the frame to prevent slide inclination. SK1 series has versatility system such as auto coil feeding progressive system, slug feeding and transfer system can be incorporated into the system to suit the individual factory's demands.
Efficient and High-Precision processing
SK1 Series perform efficient and high-precision processing of variously shaped components used in a multitude of applications


 Capacity TON  400
 Tonnage Rating Point (above B.D.C)  mm  7
 Work Energy kgf/rpm  2800 / 38
 Stroke length  mm  180
 Stoke Per Minute  SPM  30-50
 Die height  mm  450
 Die Height Adjustment mm  50
 Side Window Opening (b3) mm  680
 Slide Area (a1Xb1) mm  700 x 500
 Bolster Area (a2Xb2) mm  700 x 700
 Frame inside Measurement (a3) mm  780
 Floor to Bolster (Not including Mounts)(H) mm  1000
 Overall Height (B) mm  4023
 Floor space required (CXG) mm  1600 x 2585
 Main motor HP  40
 Required air pressure   Kg/Cm2  5