Press Machine

Machanical Press


A standard model for general use.

- The H type is the key to cost to cost saving!
- Deformation is the main cause of shortening die life. The H type frame press eliminates deformation, and will reduce die maintenance costs about 50%. H type provides stable precision even in presswork, leading to high press perform. Product inspection costs will be much saved.


 Capacity  ton  110
 Tonnage Rating Point (above B.D.C)  mm  7
 Stroke length  mm  125
 Stoke Per Minute  SPM  35-80
 Die height, slide to bolster  mm  350
 Slide adjustment  mm  60
 Slide area (a1*b1)  mm  650 x 550
 Bolster area (a2*b2)  mm  850 x 750
 Floor to bolster (not included isolation mounts)  mm  840
 Press overall height (h2)  mm  3050
 Main motor    HP  15
 Air pressure required  Kg/Cm2  5