Press Machine

Machanical Press


Features of SCP series

- The minimal angular deflection of the frame.
- High transmission wet clutch/brake.
- Highly reliable over-load protection device.


 Capacity  ton  110
 Tonnage Rating Point (above B.D.C)  mm  5
 Stroke length  mm  180
 Stoke Per Minute (Standard)  SPM  50
 Stoke Per Minute (Variable)  SPM  35-65
 Die height, slide to bolster  mm  350
 Slide Adjustment  mm  80
 Slide Area   mm  650 x 500
 Bolster area  mm  1150 x 680
 Frame Inside Measurement a3  mm  670
 Floor Height to bolster h1  mm  900
 Press overall height h2  mm  3100
 Position of anchor bolt a4×b4  mm  1110 x 1550
 Floor space required a6×b6  mm  1260 x 1810
 Main motor    10HP x 4P
 Slide adjust motor    0.4kw×4P