Press Machine

Machanical Press


Features of SC1 Link Press

- Operates under high approach speed, low forming speed and high return speed.
- Reduces noise and vibration considerably during operation.
- Improve operation environment greatly.
- Realize high precision, high rigidity and high throughput production.
- To accomplish the precision and quality of pieces, the conventional press resolved them through increasing the rigidity and improving the quality of die elements. But today, the press technology has achieved its high performance and maturity. For a better productivity and added value, and higher quality, the Link Press was developed.
- The Link Press's entire reciprocal cycle has a high approaching velocity, low during engage, and withdraws fast, ie slow around the low dead point to reduce the impact of work pieces suffered during deformation. With fast approaching and withdrawal velocity, not only the production speed does not go down, but reduces the vibration and noise during blanking, thus prolongs the life of die and achieves smooth cut faces. It reduces the possibility of deterioration and inversion of die, which results in high processing speed.


 Short type  Long type unit S     L
 Capacity  ton 220 220
 Tonnage rating point (about B.D.C.) mm 13 8
 Stroke length  mm 150 250
 Stroke per minute (SPM)  Standard SPM 55 35
 Variable  SPM 35-75  20-50
 Die height, slide to bolster  mm 400 520
 Slide adjustment  mm 90 90
 Slide area (a1*b1)  mm 750x700  750x700
 Bolster area (a2*b2)  mm 950x820  950x820
 Frame inside measurement(a3)  mm 960  1100


 Approx dimension

 Bolster surface measurement(h1) mm 900 1000
 Press overall height (h2) mm 3600 3850
 Poistion of anchor bolt (a4xb4) mm 1450x1800 1450x1800
 Floor space required (a5xb5) mm 1880x2400 1880x2400
 Machine weight  ton 22 30
 Main motor    HP 25Hpx4P 30HPx6P
 Adjustment motor   0.75kwx4p 1.5kwx4p
 Required pressure Kg/Cm2 5  5