Chamfering Machine

Auto Double-end Chamfering Machine For Pipe



Spindle motor  KW (HP) 2HP (1.5KW) x 2 (PCS) (Std.) 0.4KW (1/2HP) – 2.2KW (3HP) (Opt.)
Spindle speed RPM 800 - 2500RPM (Std.) 300 – 1500RPM (opt.)
Frequency Converter  KW (HP) 3.75KW (5HP) (Std.) 1.5KW (2HP) – 5.5KW (7.5HP) (Opt.)
Servo Motor Converter  KW 1KW (Opt.)
Air Pressure  Mpa 6-8 kg/cm2 , 120 ml/min. 0.6-0.8 Mpe
Applicable Materials   Various pipes including steel, iron , stainless steel,aluminum bronze

Pipe and Bar O.D. Outer

& I.D. Inner Angle and end face


A ø12 – ø52 , T0.8 – 5 mm (Std.)

B ø5 – ø12 , T0.8-3mm (Opt.)

Workpiece Length  mm

A 20 mm – 120 mm (Std.)

B 6 mm – 20 mm (Opt.)

Cutterhead  mm

A ø12 – ø52, (Max. Ø60) (Std.)

B ø5 – ø 12 (Opt.)