Circular Cold Saw

Automatic Hydraulic Type


Automatic Hydraulic Type Functions

- Human/machine interface control and touch sensing screen provide user friendly operations.
- HSS sawblade ∅ 250-∅ 425mm, standard ∅ 350mm.
- Easy to operate. Extremely powerful functions.
- Length numeral monitor.
- Sawblade gap compensation device (hydrulic type)


Main Drive Motor

         4 pole A (Std.)
         2 pole B (Opt.)

Blade Speeds A: L 20RPM-70RPM (Std.)
    H 35RPM-120RPM
B: L 40RPM-140RPM (Opt.)
    H 70RPM-240RPM 
Head Swivel 90°  
Clamping Vise Single
Coolant Pump Motor 1/8HP or 1/4HP
Max. Clamping Capacity 150 
Diameter HSS∅ 250-∅ 425(10"-17")
Standard∅ 350
Bore ∅ 32
Pin Holes 2x∅ 11xPCD63
Single Stroke 0-700 Servo motor complete cutting cycle
Three Stroke 0-700 Servo motor complete cutting cycle
Length -
Servo Motor Feeding 1KW
Hydraulic Pump Motor 3 HP (4P)
Operation Pressure 25-35 kg/cm
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 2200x1400x2000
Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 2280x1600x2200
Net Weight 1450 kgs (3190 Ibs)
Gross Weight 1650 kgs (3630 Ibs)