Circular Cold Saw

Full Automatic Type



Adjustable Feed Magazine
- Workpiece arrangement is adjustable to meet size and shape variation.
- Equipped with single roller for superior feeding performance.
Fully Automatic Feed Magazine
- Workpiece infeed and line up are fully automatic.
- Workpiece feed to waiting-to-cut position for time saving.
Roller Feeding System
- Double roller feed system provides fast feed. Driven by servomotor, Feed speeds are adjustable.
- Encoder for right roller allows for automatic end trimming and accurate length of cut.


 Main Drive Motor  5HP or 7-1/2HP 50/60 HZ 
 Blade Speeds  50 HZ 3200 RPM
   60 HZ 3200 RPM
 Frequency Inventer  
 Head  90°
 Clamping Vise  Double
 Coolant Pump Motor  40W (1/8P) or 1/2HP ; 40W (1/8P)
 Max. Clamping Capacity  150
 Saw Blade Size  HSS Φ355 - Φ455 x Φ25.4
 Standard Φ405
 Pin Hole Of Saw Blade  Φ25.4
 Selective Feeding Speed  0 - 50 M
 Feeding Length  0 - 2000 mm (Max 2000 - 3500 mm)
 Hydraulic Pump Motor  2 HP (1.5kw) 
 Operation Pressure  25 - 30 kg/cm2 
 Air Pressure Consumption  7 kg/cm2 (120 / min)
 Material Storage Motor  2HP (1.5 Kw) 
 Material Line-Up Motor  1HP (0.75 Kw) 
 Servomotor of Feeding  (1.5 Kw)
 Servo - Motor Driving Stopper  (1.5 Kw)
 Table's Height  900 mm
 Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)  9500 x 2400 x 2000 mm (374" x 95" x 79") inch
 Net Weight  4000 Kgs (8800Lbs)