Press Machine

Machanical Press


Single Point Fine Blanking Presses

- Fineblanking's sbility to pierce small holes and create thin web section often save the need for costly secondary drilling and machining csot.
- Throughout the fineblanking process pressure is constantly applied to both sides of the part-achieving flatness unmatched by conventional stamping.
- A wide variety of metals with good cold-forming characteristics lend themselves to fineblanking, including: carbon, alloy and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper alloys. Parts inherently stronger than parts produced by others.


 Capacity  ton   160
 Tonnage Rating Point (above B.D.C)  mm   7
 Stroke length  mm   90
 Stoke Per Minute  SPM   20-55
 Die height  mm   320
 Slide adjustment  mm   60
 Slide area (a1*b1)  mm   700x600
 Bolster area (a2*b2)  mm   900x750
 Frame Inside Measurement (a3*b3)  mm   985
 Bolster to floor height (h1)  mm   865
 Overall height  mm   3231
 Position fo anchor bolt (a4xb4)   mm   1280x1805
 Floor space required mm   1900x2840
 Machine weight ton   17
 Main motor (INV)  hpxp   20HPx4P
 Adjustment motor  kwxp   0.75kwx4p
 Required air pressure   Kg/Cm2   5